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Krys Day is a pop-rock singer/songwriter. He fully embodies and personifies the spirit of United Europe. Born in Szczecin, Poland during the communist era, he crossed the Iron Curtain with his parents at the age of three and found himself in a new reality of a free, yet divided, Berlin.

It was in this cosmopolitan city where he nurtured his passion for music and arts. Learning to sing at an early age, he quickly developed his ability to perform live. Berlin’s culture scene gave him the opportunity to flourish and be influenced by western music while remaining open to what the east had to offer.

He worked very hard to establish a name for himself, crossing all barriers with his ability to speak four languages: English, German, French and Polish. He began to receive recognition for his talent in 2004 when he was chosen to represent Germany at the International Music Festival Slavianski Bazaar in Belarus, also known as Eastern Eurovision Song Contest. Soon after, he was invited to perform at the International TV Festival Amberstar 2005 in Jurmala, Latvia. It was there he received a special award for his artistry.

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Although he had his first studio production at the age of nineteen, it took some time to prepare for his debut album. Krys co-wrote and co-produced it with Kati Karney, Fritz Heieck and Gregor Loesch. The result is simply mind blowing. His disarming modesty combined with his ability to speak his mind and bare his soul contributed to the creation of fun and melodious contemporary pop that carries universal values such as hope and faith but also sadness and pain.

While he was recording he was also a Polish and German Law student and was involved in community service. He volunteered in the law clinic to help poor people with their legal problems.

Krys never thought of creating music as a career, it’s far more personal than that, it’s a lifelong commitment of personal development and making music that will be with people when they want to have fun, but also help them when they are feeling low.

After his first record was ready Krys assembled a band of music loving people that accompanies him at his concerts. Their ability to feel each other’s strengths gives them the opportunity to create something magical every time they go on stage.

His first single, “A Million Smiles”, premiered in December 2008 in twelve German and eleven Polish radio stations. Some fans were even able to enjoy his album as a Xmas gift distributed by those radio stations all over Germany and Poland.

His second single, “Your Way Out”, had its radio premiere on the last day of March 2009 in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland. His third, a definitively fun and vibrant summer song, “Morning Sun”, was released on August 11, 2009.

The numerous letters that Krys receives after his concerts and single premieres makes it all worth it. The ability to help someone and be present in their lives through his music has really shaped him as an artist and performer. As he often says, “I’m really grateful to the people that opened up to my music and found it inspiring.”  

Today, 20 years after the fall of Berlin Wall, the ability to perform across borders and unite people of different nationalities, cultures, races, and genders is simply breathtaking. Krys and his music embody the spirit of fun, freedom, and friendship across all differences.



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